About Us

We are Britain’s biggest Asian publishing house. Established over 50 years ago, we publish some of the country’s most iconic and trusted Asian media brands and host some of the country’s leading Asian events.

Our market-leading publications include Garavi Gujarat, Eastern Eye, Asian Trader, Pharmacy Business and Asian Hospitality. Operating in the UK, US and India, our reach extends across the globe. Our websites, digital assets and business and consumer publications reach over 3 million readers each month.

We host a range of events throughout the year, from black-tie award dinners to seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions. Some of our leading events include the GG2 Leadership Awards, Asian Business Awards, Arts, Culture & Theatre Awards (ACTAs), Pharmacy Business Awards and Asian Trader Awards.

Today, we are a diversified media business with leading digital and web portals and operate a state-of-the-art CRM and data management centre in India.

Our Philosophy

At Asian Media Group, we passionately believe in high-quality journalism. Editorial excellence is at the heart of all we do and it’s the principle upon which we develop all our relationships. We create trusted brands with editorial integrity, through which we engage our audiences, whether it’s through the written or spoken word, through print or digital media or through face-to-face events.

It’s a simple philosophy, established by our founder and to which we steadfastly and passionately adhere.

  • We provide high-quality editorial content to readers across the globe on easily accessible platforms
  • We live in the communities and sectors we serve. We understand and voice their concerns.
  • We are avowedly independent, beholden to no one. Everything you read in an AMG title or website will be well researched and from a trusted source.
  • We create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our commercial partners.

Our History

Our beginnings may have been humble, but the ambitions of our founder, Mr Ramniklal Solanki CBE, were both noble and audacious.

The audacity of the group’s founder Ramniklal Solanki was to start a Gujarati newspaper with no start up capital, at a time when there were few Indians in the UK and when the technology to produce such a paper did not exist in the country.

His ambition, inspired by the then Indian High Commissioner to London, Dr Jivraj Mehta, was to publish a Gujarati newspaper to unite and integrate the community and to keep India’s rich cultural heritage and the Gujarati language alive for future generations. Undeterred by the extraordinary challenges he faced, Ramniklal Solanki and his wife Parvatiben launched Garavi Gujarat on 1st April 1968 as a hand written, cyclo-styled newssheet from a terraced house in Wembley, North West London.

Mr Solanki had collected some advance subscriptions to fund his new journalistic enterprise. From those difficult early beginnings when the paper was produced on a Gujarati typewriter, Mr Solanki travelled across Britain, going from town to city, knocking on doors and selling subscriptions for the paper.

A journalist to the core, Ramniklal Solanki had come to Britain as a foreign correspondent for a group of Indian newspapers some four years before the launch of Garavi Gujarat. His tenacity as a news journalist and his thought-provoking columns won him and the paper many plaudits. The paper rapidly gained a loyal following, forging a reputation for fearless, campaigning journalism that was to become its hallmark in later years. Garavi Gujarat’s circulation grew steadily until 1972 when Idi Amin suddenly expelled Uganda’s largely Gujarati speaking Asian community.

With the influx of the Ugandan Asians into Britain, Garavi Gujarat’s future was assured and its circulation exploded to unprecedented levels.

What to some was an April fool’s joke, was to be become the biggest selling Gujarati publication outside India and the foundation for AMG to build a stable of market leading publications serving the Asian community across globe.

The rest as they say is history.