Asian Rich List

The Asian Rich List is the authoritative guide to Asian wealth in Britain. Launched in 2009, the Asian Rich List has since grown considerably in stature and continues to serve as a crucial record of the success of the Asian business community in the UK.

Our panel of experts spend many months researching a long list of wealthy families and analysing an extensive resource of financial data to arrive at the final 101 in the publication.

The story of the Asian business community is one of enterprise, innovation, resilience and succeeding against the odds. Many of those on the list came to this country with very little. The environment at the time in Britain was not always welcoming, but they managed to flourish here and build hugely successful enterprises providing employment to hundreds of thousands of people and revitalising once moribund sectors like retail and textiles.

The Asian Rich List exists to record and celebrate the success of Asian entrepreneurship to show, in a demonstrable way, their contribtion to Britain, to the economy and to wider society, and the vital role they play in communities up and down the country.

The diversity of the businesses represented on our list is a testament to the ingenuity of Asian entrepreneurs. From food, fashion and finance to pharmaceuticals, retail and manufacturing, these entrepreneurs have built businesses which now compete at the highest levels.

The list is launched at the prestigious annual Asian Business Awards happening in every November only.