GG2 Power List

The GG2 Power List profiles Britain’s 101 most influential Asians, providing a snapshot of Asian power and influence in Britain today.

Each year, the list undergoes an extensive refresh and our panel of senior editors and experts face an arduous challenge in whittling down our long list to 101.

The list celebrates the extraordinary talent that exists in the British Asian community: an eclectic mix of talent across the nation. It features exclusive interviews with pioneers across the arts, media, business science, technology and the public sector.

As the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “the GG2 Power List is about the best and most talented people in the country, who just happen to be Asians”. The list serves to inspire and nurture the next generation of leaders and achievers.

The GG2 Power List is launched in October at the GG2 Leadership Awards. Along with the Leadership Awards and Diversity Conference, we celebrate the success of ethnic communities in Britain and showcase how a more inclusive society can unleash talent.

The GG2 Power List is in print and online at